Apex Ergo


“The new furniture has been a huge success in our sixth form common room. It is colourful, comfortable and robust – in short everything we needed it to be.”

During a recent refurbishment of their 6th form common room, Maidstone Grammar School selected durable, contemporary furniture from Pineapple’s range.

Making use of the free space planning service, the client was able to optimise the seating arrangements, striking a balance between seating capacity and comfortable spacing.

In the dining area, Touch chairs in Blue, Yellow and Grey (to compliment the school’s colours) sit around Cumulus dining tables, helping to create a modern and vibrant space for students to eat and study.

Thanks to their stackable nature, the Touch chairs can be easily tucked away, allowing the space to be repurposed when necessary. At the opposite end of the room, Ryno chairs (also matching the school’s colours) provide a fun and informal space in which students can unwind.

The finished project is a bright, modern, colourful space in which students can eat, work and socialise.