Apex Ergo


“The flexibility of the products allows us to easily reconfigure the furniture, giving us the ability to change how day spaces are used and how they look and feel. Furthermore, our staff and service users tell us the design of the furniture enhances the environment and gives a fresh and modern feel to the wards.”

Hopewood was recently built by Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust to provide support for adolescents, pregnant women and women with babies under 1 year old who are experiencing mental health difficulties.

We were also able to help with our free spaceplanning service to design efficient room layouts. 

Modular Snug sofas along with Boden bean bag chairs provide laid-back seating for the Adolescent unit lounge, while homely Aruba sofas were chosen for the mother and baby unit. 

All fabrics and finishes were carefully co-ordinated by the customer and has resulted in a soothing, relaxing environment in which to recover.