Apex Ergo


“The new furniture has been a huge success in our sixth form common room. It is colourful, comfortable and robust – in short everything we needed it to be.”

Rosewood is an 8-bed Mother and Baby Unit (MBU) which supports mums with acute perinatal mental health issues across Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

When planning the unit, the client was keen to create a modern, homely and therapeutic environment. This was ultimately achieved by selecting a broad range of products in vibrant upholstery.

Rondo sofas with chrome ski legs were chosen to provide lounge seating which could be easily rearranged if necessary.

Being elevated from the floor makes them easy to clean underneath, and block less light than other sofas, contributing to the light-filled atmosphere. Snug sofas and Boden beanbags were selected to provide cosy casual seating in other parts of the ward.

In the bedrooms, damage-resistant Sovie Flare beds were securely fixed to the floor for safety. The single-piece mattress tray and Polar foam mattress helps to create a water-resistant solution which is perfect for challenging environments.